How To Jailbreak IPhone 4 IOS 4.0.2 Easily

Is there a possibility that one can Jailbreak IPhone 4 IOS 4.0.2? Yes, indeed there is. It is just a matter of time before developers can crack anything thrown by Apple to obstruct any jailbreak methods.

Jailbreak iPhone 4 IOS 4.0.2 was recently tested and it does work. Although, not many methods are out there that is why at this point it is quite hard to find. Even if you find one, there is still a big possibility that it might not work at all. There are, of course, free tools and methods being offered but such options are quite too risky. There is a big chance that you will only render your unit to become unusable.

Another thought, often times jailbreaking and unlocking are considered by many as one procedure. Actually, these two are quite different. It both requires two different procedures and has different effects on your iPhone unit.

Difference Between Jailbreak And Unlock

  • Jailbreak

This is a process that allows any individual to install software on their iPhone that are usually not allowed by Apple. One can install various games, applications, utilities, tools, and many more.

  • Unlock

This is a different process which allows the user of the smart phone to insert a different SIM card in their unit. Before anyone can unlock their iPhone, one will need to have it undergo the jailbreak process first.

Benefits Of Using Jailbreak

1. Enjoy different applications that are not available in any Apple store.

2. Be able to use MMS function.

3. Install personalized ringtones that can suit your mood without paying extra charges.

4. Install and play games like Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NES, and PlayStation with emulators.

5. Watch live videos in your unit and enable its flash device.

As you can see, there are limitless possibilities that one can have when you jailbreak your iPhone. At the same time, your unit is ready to be unlocked. By doing so, you will be able to save more from your SMS and call bills by opting for other more affordable carriers available in your area.

How To Jailbreak IPhone 4 IOS 4.0.2

  • Before anything else, you will need to download IOS 4.0.2 for your iPhone and update thru iTunes.
  • Then download your jailbreak software. Just be sure you got it from a reliable website.
  • Then you can start the software you choose. Direct it to IOS 4 and not IOS 4.0.2.
  • The next thing you will need to do is install Cydia. Be sure to turn your iPhone first before hitting the NEXT button.
  • Then put into recovery mode. You can do this by holding the power and Home button. Try doing it at the same time. It will not probably work instantly but just keep on trying until the actual installation begins.
  • Once the installation begins, you can just sit and relax while the software does the rest for you. After completing the jailbreak process, you can try installing some apps and see if it really works.

If it does not work like the way it should be just start from the beginning again. Do not worry, jailbreak process can be undone. If you are unsure of everything then you can opt for something easier and guaranteed to work.

Using Guaranteed Software To Jailbreak IPhone 4 IOS 4.0.2

To make everything easy, you can opt to use a guaranteed software that can both jailbreak and unlock your iPhone for you. It comes highly recommended by other iPhone users who have been faced with the same dilemma as yours. Now, they are enjoying using their iPhones to its optimum capability.

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With a guaranteed software to jailbreak iPhone 4 IOS 4.0.2, you do not have to break a sweat and worry if it really works. You will definitely enjoy using your iPhone like many others before you.

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