4.1 Jailbreak iPhone 4 – Why Go Through this Process?

There are so many reasons why you would want 4.1 jailbreak iPhone 4 to take happen. Probably the most quoted reason is to create an awesome device that is usable in many other networks apart fro AT&T or Verizon.

Besides, using other networks on you iPhone 4 4.1 might not be the only thing that you would want to do with your marvelous, new phone. You might also want to make a few tweaks that are outside of the Apple-approved themes or apps. Apple has been quite picky with the kinds of apps that are used on their devices and so iPhone users inevitably want to break free.

Jailbreaking Benefits

•    The very first benefit that you get in jailbreaking your iPhone 4 is to be able to install non-Apple approved themes and apps. If you feel that the choices Apple has given you aren’t enough, then you have every right to jailbreak your phone (don’t worry, it is legal!) and do with it as you please.
Thousands, no, millions of free stuff are now waiting for you to download them! But remember that you can only do so once you squirm free of the restrictions set by Apple!

•    The second best reason is to tweak your ringtone, wallpaper and screensavers. A few of the things that you can actually change are your phone’s menu, screen saver, icons, button functions and the wallpaper. Quite a popular tweak is your jailbroken iPhone’s ability to tether other PCs onto the web.

•    Of course, jailbreaking your phone can open the door to unlocking it in the future. So if you are no longer happy with your present provider’s services, then you don’t have to suffer a second longer. Just jailbreak your iPhone and you will soon have the freedom to choose the carrier that you’re happy with.

The Steps in Jailbreaking iPhone 4 4.1:

•    It isn’t easy to find a software that can be used to jailbreak the unique iPhone 4 4.1. For this instance, the limera1n tool is going to be used as an example.

•    As soon as you have downloaded Limera1n, you can go ahead and connect your iPhone 4 to your laptop or desktop PC.

•    Launch Limera1n and then click on the button that reads: make it ra1n.

•    The next step is to enter into Recovery mode.

•    Press and hold the Power and Home buttons, not simultaneously but together.

•    When prompted to, you can already release the Power button. Your iPhone will soon enter Recovery mode.

•    By this time, you should already see the Limera1n icon on your phone screen. This is the green droplet on your iPhone screen.

•    Just launch this application and then have Cydia installed in order to jailbreak iPhone 4 4.1.

If this looked easy enough for you, wait until you find a much easier software solution that can jailbreak your iPhone for you:

You shouldn’t sweat – literally – while jailbreaking your iPhone 4. This software will make your task a whole lot easier for you. It’s because you will find the simplest instructions and the most vivid illustrations to guide you throughout the process of jailbreaking. If things still appear complex by then, you have a friendly team of experts to help you with your concerns. This is jailbreaking and unlocking haven!

Why risk your iPhone with the wrong tools? Visit: Software to 4.1 Jailbreak iPhone 4.

All the free apps and themes are now just waiting for you. But remember that the key to accessing these unique things is to jailbreak your device. And what easier way to do that than to use this tool and have your iPhone jailbroken in merely ten minutes! Visit: 4.1 Jailbreak iPhone 4

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